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Banco Chinchorro

A colorful reef, with so much life that it seems to be an underwater metropolis. The biodiversity that exists is so fascinating that people from all over the world have come to dive in its waters.

hundido_ barco_ chinchorro_Depositphotos_26864995_ds.jpg

That is Banco Chinchorro, the habitat of the manatee. One of the largest marine mammals. The secrets and treasures that this place keeps are amazing. From sunken ships and vessels to the most extensive marine fauna and flora. A world to explore in turquoise waters so warm that they seem to embrace you.

Let the waters show you their fauna in glass-bottom boats or enter its waters and tour the underwater city that will truly amaze you. Feel the power of adrenaline swimming among crocodiles while you feed them. An unmissable place full of emotion.

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