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The carving masters converge in Hormigero, sacred land of the jaguar and the panther. One of the most beautiful places you can find within the Mayan Jungle is Hormiguero.


To get to this place you have to take roads and a stretch of dirt road that passes through the middle of the jungle. The view from there is beautiful, the fauna and flora of the place take your breath away. It is common to see monkeys and monkeys, a great variety of birds and if you are one of the lucky ones you can hear wild cats or small deer in the area. Locals say that there are nights when some pumas and jaguars can be heard passing and prowling around.


Crossing this dirt road reveals a place that takes you inside the archaeological zone. There are three buildings within which number two stands out, which has a zoomorphic image of a jaguar warrior, which serves as the entrance.


A spectacular place that will leave you speechless.


In this area, the highlight is the wall with zoomorphic carvings of a jaguar warrior with an open mouth that gives you access to a vaulted bay and other glyphs about man, woman and the superior being. In Hormiguero we can see a building that is divided into three sections, in the center a large figurehead and on its sides towers with rounded corners with unfinished staircases typical of that entire region.

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