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Mbh maya bacalar ra alter sunset
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The first Woman to explore the Mayan Peninsula; Alice Dixon

There was a centenary in 2010 that went completely unnoticed. It is not surprising given that one hundred years have been commemorated since the death of a woman who in life enjoyed a certain recognition, although never due or deserved, and who over time became an unknown, forgotten and, in any case, figure. , discredited, for being associated with crazy theories that further obscured his achievements and contributions. Which are not few.

She was the first and only woman traveler to the Yucatan Peninsula in the 19th century; the first female explorer of Chichén Itzá and Uxmal; the first woman to study and write about the living Mayan culture, with the added advantage of having perfectly learned the vernacular language; the first photography professional in the region, as well as a pioneer of this art and technique; and one of the first writers who disseminated among the specialized and non-specialized public the details of the daily life, customs and traditions of the Yucatecan Maya in more than 40 articles and numerous conferences.

The British explorer Alice Dixon, wearing long pants and carrying a rifle, poses with a group of Mayan workers in the archaeological zone of Chichén Itzá. She arrived accompanied by her husband Augustus Le Plongeon. 1876.

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